Book a Dutch voiceover: how does it work?

Book a Dutch voiceover: How does it work and what does it cost?

To book a Dutch voiceover, you don’t need to spend a lot of time. With Rene Visschers, it can be done easily and quickly. It is quite difficult to work with fixed rates. The price depends on various factors. How often and where is the voice-over production used? For example, is it only for internet or national broadcasts?

So to book a Dutch voiceover quickly and easily, this is how Rene works:

Send Dutch voiceover scriptBook a Dutch voiceover, step 1: Send Rene your script

Tell Rene about your project or send him your script via e-mail

confirm voiceover Netherlands auditionBook a Dutch voiceover, step 2: Confirm the audition

Rene will email your free audition and quote. If you’re happy, full recording will commence!

download Dutch voiceover recordingBook a Dutch voiceover, step 3: Download your recording

You will receive the full reading via a secure WeTransfer link within 24 hours. After this, you will receive the invoice.

Dutch voiceover risk free


Podcast, television and radio

Rene Visschers is a Dutch voice actor. He has brought companies and products to the attention of the public through advertisements on radio and television.


Ok, radio spots can be annoying. Especially if you really enjoy the songs the DJ plays. However, advertisements are often the best way to get that fantastic music to a large audience for free.

Radio ads are also the best way to promote your brand. In addition, they can be used to inform potential customers about a new product or service. Radio advertising works on the subconscious of the listener. It is still one of the most effective ways of advertising.

A ‘radio voice’ can be widely used. It depends on the message and the intended target market. Markets can be for instance teenagers, adults, pensioners, business people, workers etc. Rene can vary a lot with his voice in styles such as natural, announcer, DJ, super enthusiastic, understated, warm and friendly, characters and character voices.

Rene specializes in “radio imaging”. This is basicly a short radio ad. In other words, an advertisement on the radio. It can tell a story with the help of music and effects. This type of advertisement usually uses the ‘promotional voice’ style.

Rene Visschers offers you an extremely affordable solution for your voice-over needs.


Television promotions and TV commercials are regularly provided with the voice of Rene. This Dutch voice actor is often used to record characters. It is Rene’s specialty. By using Dutch voiceover Rene as a voice actor you give your production the warmth and reliability of an experienced and professional voice talent. Your project can be completed quickly. and most importantly, with very few takes. However, studio time is often wasted on voice talents with little experience. On top of that they often have the inability to respond to directional instructions. furthermore, there is often a general lack of knowledge of the recording process. Rene Visschers has more than 25 years of experience as a voice actor. This way he knows perfectly what the do’s & don’ts are when it comes to voice recordings.

This Dutch all-round voice actor has done commercial voiceovers for some of the largest brands and advertising agencies worldwide. Our customers include Heineken, Philips, Oral B, Mattel, Esso, Total, FitBit, Lilly, Holland Casino, Epson, KPMG, Eneco, Audi and Media Markt. His voice talent regularly appears in TV advertisements. Clients know Rene as professional, with a warm, energetic and if necessary powerful voice.


E-learning is not only about what you present to your or students. It is especially about how you present it. Rene Visschers provides professional audio instructions to ensure that your students listen to and, above all, retain course material. This Dutch voiceover provides a suitable voice for any project with an educational component. From books for toddlers to compliance, from training to information by companies. Rene is the voice behind videos that guide viewers on physical tasks or IT training. Homeschooling, medical courses – you name it. Rene has the experience to make your project sound professional and, more importantly, effective educational.

Rene Visschers hits the right tone

Tone is crucial. For example: formal but not overbearing for a business script. Encouraging but not condescending when telling a program for children. Distinguish between a list and a collection of bullets (subtle, but important!). Staying involved during long scripts. It is a daily fare for Rene. He knows the techniques. Book this Dutch voiceover and get access to the best of the best for the e-Learning industry.

Self-study voice-over

Rene offers the helpful voice that you hear when learning to use new software, a website or introducing new systems to your workplace.

Voice over presentation

This all-round Dutch voiceover can help set the tone for your next meeting, trend expectation etc. In short, any type of presentation that you want to plan!

Powerpoint voiceover

Rene Visschers can provide the authoritative, expert but friendly powerpoint voice-over for your personnel introduction, AGM or training seminars.


As an all-round Dutch voice actor, Rene has brought storybooks, business ideas and theatrical work to a wider audience.

If the story is properly executed, the words on a page magically come to life as the story is told. Rene uses voice techniques that are needed to deliver with an increased sense of text interpretation. This, in addition to the overwhelming technical problems, is the biggest battle that most voice actors face.

In film, the use of narration is used to give the audience more depth and meaning. The use of a ‘narrator’ in film is often criticized. It is used when the writer or director cannot move the story effectively. However, when used effectively, the narrator’s voice can be used to increase the impact and understanding of a scene or event. Professional voiceovers do this in a way that cannot be achieved by performance or landscapes.

Rene strives to make your story sound credible and natural. He does that with every light nuance, tone, breath and pause so that the listener feels a part of the experience. With his experience, he can offer your production, company or brand an excellent voice recording.

Character voice

This Dutch voice adds a number of fun and exciting voices to cartoons, animation, video games and other entertainment and educational projects.

Voice-overs appear in almost every video game produced. Whether it’s instructive, introductory or the driving force behind the story by the main character. All types of games, including role play, sports, action platforms and puzzle games, use professional, experienced and talented voice actors, In conclusion, it is done to provide a powerful dialogue and bring characters to life.

Many modern games now have scripts of up to 70,000 dialog lines and it can take years to record. The best developers of animations and video games have chosen Dutch voice over Rene Visschers for their characters. It is what this Dutch male voice prefers to do! The dialogue is often hilarious. The voices are very fun to perform and the writers are great creative people to work with.

Interactive voice response (telephone systems)

Rene offers a friendly, hospitable and informative voice to customers from a growing number of companies.

IVR is the abbreviation for Interactive Voice Response. It is a technology that automates interactions with callers. Companies are increasingly turning to IVR. This way they can reduce costs of joint sales, service, collections, requests for information and support to and from their company. Today, in combination with a natural and hospitable voice talent, IVR technology has reached a point where callers just need to speak, rather than fiddle with a keyboard.

A professional image must be created from the moment a customer or potential customer contacts your company. There is no easier way to achieve this than with a great sounding message on hold, a greeting by phone or for instance an interactive voice response by an experienced, professional and natural voice talent.

It is a well-researched fact in the advertising and marketing industry. If a caller does not hear a human voice after a minute, it is much more likely that he will end the conversation. An experienced and above all easily listenable voice talent is a much more professional approach to this solution than, for example, having the voice of the receptionist recorded.

Rene can deliver that “big brand” voice throughout your company’s telephone system. It provides all types of IVR, from simple welcome messages or time-specific event details to surveys, call center prompts and in-depth telephone manuals that can hold many hours of voice recording. All voice prompts are delivered as individual files. Furthermore, alle files are optimized for the telephone system playback.

Public broadcast and events

Rene Visschers has made transportation easier for travelers at home and abroad. In addition, he has made security and important public messages as informative and transparent as possible.

Increasing numbers of passengers and more control over services within public transport and the aviation sector have made the provision of passenger information an integral part of the experience. Massive investments are channeled into the public security industry. The aim of which is to protect and preserve life, property, natural and cultural resources and to promote the safety of the community. Public safety and security become an increased priority around the world. Therefore, the solutions designed to provide these services must be more innovative and robust.

This Dutch male voice can offer suitable voice talent for all types of public address systems. This includes passenger information, emergency reports, stadium broadcasts and security messages.


Advertising and commercial voice-overs can be used in various ways. From television and radio to in-store announcements.

As the voice of your product or brand, this professional Dutch voice talent will inform potential customers about sales in their local store. He will alert them to concerts, events and music products. He will remind viewers or listeners that the time and date of their favorite shows have shifted . Choose the sound of Dutch voice-over Rene Visschers. He knows how to attract the attention of your target group like no other. And, more importantly, to hold on to it.

Commercial voice-over talents are used to give an advertisement a professional sound. An advertisement is only effective if it is delivered clearly, to the point, easy to understand and in a friendly and recognizable way. Rene lets listeners trust the message. Above all, he brings your brand, product or service in a favorable light.

His professional commercial voice talent can be used for local, regional, national or international productions in all forms of media. When you use our voice service, your professionally recorded and produced project will be delivered to you within 24 hours. Furthermore, Rene is one of the most dedicated professionals in the field of voice talent. This Dutch professional voice over only produces recordings of the highest quality in the industry.


Voiceovers are increasingly being used as a way to introduce visitors to a website and to help them navigate the pages of the site. Rene can give audio arrival messages or add a professional voice to your product videos that go a long way in creating a professional image for your company.

Delivering your messages consistently with the same voice across all your advertising platforms and services, strengthens your brand. In addition, it also gives your company a vital personality. Television and radio commercials often use the same talent in advertising campaigns for multiple years. They do so to improve brand association and customer retention.

Over the past decades, the voice of Dutch all-round male voicetalent Rene Visschers has appeared in hundreds of television, radio and web advertisements, e-learning and corporate videos. Let Rene help you give your brand a voice. Let him make your message heard and make your product visible.

Should you still have a question, please feel free to get in touch.

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